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Welcome to the human experience through first time storytelling!

The current prompt is First Team Sport You Played brought to you by Lance Moore.

First Time Stories
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Share. Connect. Grow Closer Together.

We invite you to share your first time stories according to the prompts, as well as learn about, and connect with other people, through their first time stories.

We are the sum of experiences and everything started with a first time. Sharing first time stories is a fabulously fun way of sharing the events of our lives that have shaped and impacted us, but that are also part of the greater human experience.

That’s what this project is all about!! Connecting us through what we have in common while realizing, understanding, and enjoying how we differ.

How are your first time experiences like those of others and how do they differ?!?

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about First Time Story Prompts™

What should you include in your story?

📚Storytelling 101 📚

  1. Don’t skip on the details. Be sure to cover the what, when, where, why, and how.
  2. Paint a picture with words
  3. Express how you felt during the experience
  4. Share what if anything you learned or how this shaped who you are today.

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To find the original First Time Story Prompt™ announcement and story, select turn on the switch for prompt announcement, and select your prompt. 

Have fun!

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